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123.hp.com – HP printers are made with incredible variety which is made especially for every possible need of yours whether it be for your home needs or your office needs, our printers deliver exceptional print quality and printing performances.Whether you require printing solutions for your simple home needs or for your high demand business needs, we’ve got you covered with the best printing solutions with our unparalleled range of affordable and high-performance printers.

We build printers that are aimed to be the incredibly useful device for both your office and home needs alike. Our printers are built sleek and stylish to complement your beautifully designed office and home desk spaces. They’re designed to provide you with unmatched productivity in all things printing and they’re also built with conveniences like portability in mind to fit and be easily moved between your various workspaces.

Our multi-function printers, the HP All-in-One Printers provide you with scanning, faxing and copying capabilities along with other standard printing functionalities. These modern printers not just provide superior printing performances but also provide unbeatable printing qualities along with various nifty features and capabilities.

Exceptional Printing Speeds :

We strived to build printers that can match your print speed requirements, be it for a minimum of 10+ color pages per minute / 20+ black-and-white pages per minute or much more. We understand how frustrating it gets to be waiting for something to get printed and we certainly wouldn’t want you to lose precious time & productivity.

Unbeatable Print Quality :

Our printers will exceed your printing quality expectations with print resolutions of over 2400 x 1200 for black-and-white high-quality printing productions and 4800 x 2400 print resolutions to produce excellent-quality color printouts. These levels of printing resolutions are sure to make your documents and images stand out and impress.

Compact Design for Increased Space Saving :

You can save more space in your rooms with sleek all-in-one printers which are designed to fit wherever you choose to put them. Now you can print from any room you choose, without any disturbances by using our printer quiet mode functionality.

Increased Productivity :

With our printers, you can take charge of your printing tasks by using our easy-to-use controls or touch displays in our printers. With these, you can quite simply set, touch and go.

With our free HP All-In-One Printer Remote mobile app, you can manage printing tasks and scan on-the-go.

Seamless Wireless Printing Capabilities :

Now you can print right from your mobiles, tablets or wirelessly connected laptop on our printers. Our Wi-Fi enabled printers provide complete comfort and saves you from the annoying need to carry around a USB printer connection cable and other device connectors & cable adapters.

Our Wi-Fi printers can be easily configured to your home or office networks using the very secure WPS setup.

Easy Setup & Installation :

With our detailed in-the-box installation & setup manuals along with 24×7 Online support, Guided setup videos, you can easily get the printer unboxed printer and hit the ground running without much delay. Our printer setups are conveniently laid out throughout the whole processes right from the unpacking of the printer to the software installation and until the printing process to save you time and ensure your highest comfort.

Affordable Printing Solutions :

We provide printing solutions that are affordable and save costs in your printing. We have varied printers to suit various consumer requirements in the market. With printers ranging from various price ranges, we’re sure to have varied printers to suit your budget and ensure you get the best value for money and meet all your printing requirements.

HP Instant Ink Advantage :

With the HP Instant Ink plans, you can now subscribe to our printer ink delivery plans which provide you with great savings and the added advantage of increased printing capabilities all delivered right to your doorstep. You’ll never run out of printer ink which is now available at affordable prices.

Improved Faxing Capabilities :

Our All-in-One printer is built and designed to provide exceptional convenience and faxing functionalities that operate even better than stand-alone fax machines available in the market. Our fax capable printers have high fax memory storage of over 100 pages and can fax pages as fast as under 5 seconds per page.

Automatic Document Feeder:

It can be very frustrating to manually sort and place each page of a multi-page document on a scanner platform, hence we’ve built in an automatic document feeder for most of our All-in-One printers that allow you to place your faxing document stack on the feeder tray to provide greater productivity & convenience.

Laser & Inkjet Printers :

We have an array of great printers of varied prices and capabilities of both the Inkjet and the Laser printing variants. Our Inkjet printers give the best value for money and we provide inkjet printing capabilities that would easily match your simple home needs or even your high demand business needs. Our LaserJet Printers provide you with blistering high-speed printing capabilities for both your documents and photo printing needs to make all of your last-minute printouts woes disappear.

Drivers Download :

The first measure is reset the printer to its default factory settings followed by installing the Printer Driver/Software – 123.hp.com