Printing & Scanning using the HP AiO Printer Remote App (Android & Apple)

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The Support document describes printing remotely using the HP AiO Printer remote App on Android and Apple ioS devices.

The HP AiO Printer Remote App empowers you to print, scan and even troubleshoot certain printer issues from remote devices provided your printer is set up on a wireless network. 

Step 1: Ascertain the Requirements

  • The HP Printer and the smartphone or Tablet must meet few eligibility requirements before the HP AiO Remote Print App can be installed and run.
  • The Smartphone or Tablet should have a minimum of Android OS 4.4 (Kitkat) or its successor versions for Android devices. For Apple devices including iPad, iPhone or iTouch , it should be Apple iOS 9 or higher .
  • The HP Aio app can set up your printer for which the mobile device should have an active connection with a wireless network.
  • The App is deemed to be ready and can be used if the Printer and the mobile device on which the app is installed are connected to the same network.
  • If the Printer faces network unavailability, you can still remotely print with a feature called Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 2 : Installation of HP AiO Printer Remote App

HP AiO Printer Remote App should be installed first before you can commence using the app to print remotely.

Open up a Web Browser on your Smartphone or Tablet and then enter on the URL bar.

This opens the HP Product Setup Page.

Tap open Google Play Store or App Store . Search for ‘AiO Remote App’ icon and then press ‘Install’ or ‘Get’

Once the App is installed, open the HP AiO remote app and press Start

If the Printer has been set up previously and also connected to a network, the app selects the printer by itself. If it does not, you can also manually choose to select the printer.

Android Devices : The App searches for all available printer devices and will display them on request. Tap Select a Different Printer or Select a Printer on the home page of the app to see all available printers. If you cannot locate your printer, press My Printer is not listed and then tap on Help Search for a Network Printer. 

Apple iOS Devices : For iOS Devices , choosing Select a Different Printer on the home page of the app and then follow the app instructions to locate your printer.

If you are trying to set up a brand new printer on the network, pursue the on-screen instructions to complete the printer setup. If the app provides no prompt or notification in regards to printer set up, Manual Printer addition is possible too.

Android Devices : Tap Select a Different Printer or Select a Printer on the home page of the app to see all available printers. If you cannot locate your printer, press My Printer is not listed and then press Help Set up a New Printer.

Apple iOS Devices : Gently touch on Add a New Printer on the home page of the HP AiO Print Remote App

Step 3 : Printing and Scanning Documents and Photos

HP AiO Remote App lets you print various documents and photos stored on your smartphone or tablets or from your Google Drive , Cloud storage or social media properties. Notwithstanding that, the app also enables you to scan documents and/or photos from your printers or using the camera of your mobile device.

Print :

Cherish the joy of printing a variety of documents including photos and PDF’s stored on your device or directly from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other cloud storages instantly. Below are quick steps to accomplish mobile device printing.

  • Touch and open the AiO Remote app and pat on Print Documents or Print Photos
  • Discover the file or document or photo that needs to be printed on the internal mobile storage or social media or from the cloud platform.
  • Pick the document or photo that you desire to print which opens up a preview screen.
  • Customize the photo by cropping or rotating using inbuilt editing tools on the app if needed.
  • Touch Print.

Scan :

Not just remote printing, but the HP AiO app also lets you Scan images and documents from the Printer and stores them on your mobile phones or memory cars or uploads them onto web properties such as Cloud accounts or drives or even mails them.

  • Place and position the document that needs to be scanned on the Scanner bed or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of the Printer
  • Touch and open the AiO remote App and the pat on Scan, Scan to E mail, Scan to Cloud depending on your desired course of action.

Note : Ensure Scanner is chosen as the Scan Type on the Scanner Screen for Apple iOS Devices.

  • Select the Input Source from the Settings Menu on the Scan screen to opt for the Automatic Document Feeder or Scanner glass.
  • Tap on Save or Done.
  • Press Scan to see the scan and modify the borders if required. Use the ‘Additional Pages’ Icon to accommodate more document/photo scans.

As soon as you complete the scan, you can choose from a variety of options such as Send, Save, Share or Print contingent upon whether you want to store, upload or e mail the scanned document/photo.

Step 4 : Features of HP AiO Printer Remote App

HP AiO Printer Remote App furnishes a great deal of Printer Information and Reports and also allows you to adjust Printer settings.

Android & Apple iOS Devices :

The Printer Information Icon present inside the App serves you with a range of information on request.

Ordering Printer supplies such as Ink Cartridges : Gently touch Supported Cartridges to discover compatible types of ink cartridges and then make an order by tapping on Buy Now.

HP Instant Ink Dashboard : Locate Go to HP Instant Ink and tap on it view the Dashboard should you have an enrolment .

View Printer Information and Reports : Gain Access to more information, Reports and printer Settings about the printer through Print Information Icon but the availability of information tools vary between different printer models.

Printer Settings : Use the Printer Settings option to  see available printers and alter settings to control Input Paper Trays, Auto Off . This option also enables you to periodically check for available updates and managing web services.

Printer Reports : Use the Printer Reports to order printing of Printer Status Report , Network Configuration Page, Print Quality Diagnostic report and various such reports based on the model of your printer.

Printer Information : Printer Settings or Printer Information icon gives you a summary of Printer Status , Printer Name , Serial Number, Firmware version etc.

Advanced Tools : Press the Advanced Settings icon to program the printer for an energy saving mode, validate and configure network settings based on the model of your printer. 

Step 5 : HP AiO Printer Remote can be customized 

Customize and revamp the tiles of AiO Remote Print app for ease of access and viewing pleasure.

  • Rearrange and organize the tiles by pressing and holding the tile and drag it to different locations as you wish.
  • If you would like to turn off/on the tiles, pat on the Personalize tile and use the toggle to activate or deactivate items on the home screen of the app. Gently touch Done to save and effect the changes.