HP Printers – Language Change on the Control Panel Display

123 HP OJ 3830 Setup

The Control Panel may be operating in a language that is not chosen or desired. In order to execute a language change, first remove the protective cover on top of the control panel touchscreen and then try to change the operating language through Embedded Web Server (EWS) , Software installation or Control Panel Menu options.

Step 1 : Removal of Protective Film 

The Printer’s Control Panel is covered with a special Protective film to avoid dents or scratches during product shipping. You should carefully peel the Protective film covering Control panel touchscreen to improve the touchscreen response. Continue to the next stop after its removal.

Step 2 : Language Change via HP Printer Software

The Change in the Control Panel Operating Language is possible through the HP Printer Software installed in your computer. The instructions to change the language vary with Windows or OS X operating systems.

Instructions for Installation and Language Selection for Windows OS

The Installation process permits you to choose and edit the desired language on the software. The Selections made during installation process overrules any existing setting on the Printer.

  • Open a Web Browser and visit 123.hp.com
  • Enter the Model Number of your Printer and then click on Begin.
  • Download the HP Printer Software by clicking on Download and click either Open or Save to open the software or save it in your computer folder respectively.
  • Launch the Printer Software installation by double clicking the stored software from the Downloads section. Click Run to execute the file.
  • The On-Screen instructions guides you through the Setup and Driver installation. A new screen called ‘Information about your Printer’ appears after the driver installation. Click on Edit on the new screen and then select the preferred language.
  • The Printer Registration and Activation can be completed in your HP website on your computer browser.
  • Restart your Printer after this process.

Instructions for Installation and Language Selection for OS X 

The HP Printer Software can be downloaded and installed on your Mac using an Installer which also enables you to select or change your desired language on the control panel. 

  • Open a Web Browser and visit 123.hp.com
  • Enter the Model Number of your Printer into the Enter your device’s model number to begin text box.
  • Opt for your Printer from the Drop Down menu list and then click on Begin.
  • Download the file named dmg by clicking on Download and click either Open or Save to open the installer or save it in your computer folder respectively.
  • The HP Easy Start Installer window opens on which you have to double click HP Inkjet SW OSX
  • The Installer automatically completes the installation with few inputs from you . Close the Installer
  • The HP utility Software Window immediately opens. Choose the name of your Printer on the window and click Continue.
  • Click Add Printer to open up an Add Window.
  • Click the Model number of your Printer. Ensure that the Printer that has been selected has Bonjour listed under the tab Kind.
  • Then Click Use or Print Using menu, where you have to opt for your printer in the drop down menu.
  • Click Add again here to add your HP Officejet 3830 Printer to the list of Printers.
  • The Click Continue in the Add Printer window.
  • The Printer Setup auto completes after a series of on screen instructions . Click Done when it is over.
  • Reopen the HP Installer from the location it is saved, more likely in the Downloads section.
  • Complete the Software installation after a series of on screen instructions once again. A new screen titled ‘Information Printer Locale’ shows on which you can confirm your location and Language selection. Press Continue after it.
  • Restart the Printer.
  • The Software installation can be stopped as soon as you change the language. Close down the installer

Step 3 : Language Selection via Embedded Web Server

The Embedded Web Server (EWS) can be used to change the language settings and can be accessed as an embedded Printer page on your web browser. This mode of Language change works only on Wired (Ethernet) or Wireless connections between the Printer and the computer.

  • First try printing a Network Configuration Page by navigating through Setup →Tools →Network Configuration Report . This action prints a Network Configuration Page.
  • The Network Configuration Page has a mention of Embedded Web Servers URL.
  • Open a Web Browser on your computer which is connected to a network and type the EWS URL into the browser.
  • An Embedded Web Server Page opens up. Click on Settings tab on the top of the page.
  • Click Preferences followed by International.
  • There is an option listed called Control Panel Language. Select the desired operating language from it.
  • Click on Apply to save and confirm the changes and then shut off the EWS window.
  • Restart the Printer

Step 4 : Language Change via Control Panel 

Switch to the desired language using the Control Panel Menu on the Printer itself. The following steps detail the quick process for changing language on the control panel even though you can hardly read the language on it.

  • Restart your Printer as the first step.
  • Swipe left on the Control Panel display , then gently press the Setup
  • Remember to press the first option that is displayed on the Control Panel which is the Preferences
  • Next, you have to be careful in choosing the Language option. Contingent upon the type of printer you own, the Language option may be the first or the second. You could try navigating into both of the options to make the right selection.
  • Clicking on the Language options displays a list of available language options.
  • Toggle the list to choose your desired language and choose Yes to make the final confirmation.

Step 5 : Printer should be serviced.

If you are still not successful in changing to the desired language, please reach out to HP for servicing the Printer. Before contacting the HP Support, please carry out all the above mentioned troubleshooting steps to check and confirm the problem in the product. We would also urge you to check the warranty of your product and proceed to contact the HP Support.