HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer refuses to wake from Sleep Mode while Printing

123 HP OJPro 8710 Setup

The above issue is a common occurrence with several OfficeJet Pro printers such as 8710, 8720, 8730, 8740 and 821Xprinters on Windows.

The Printer becomes dormant during Sleep mode especially when connected to a wireless network and refuses to wake up even after receiving a Print command. The Print Driver on the task bar of Windows also shows ‘Printer offline’ during such circumstances.

The steps detailed below may bring a fix to the issue.

Step 1 : Shift the Position of the Printer

  1. Shift the position of the Printer closer to your wireless router.
    • While the distance between the printer and the router should be reduced, the minimum distance of separation should be maintained at a minimum of 3 ft between the Printer and the router.
    • Double Check the Wireless Signal Indicator on the Printer to confirm the strength of the signal
  2. Keep the household electrical appliances at bay that can have a possible interference on the Wi-Fi signals. The devices that can have a potentially adverse impact on the signals could be your cordless phones and Microwave ovens.

Step 2 : Fix a Manual IP for the Printer

The HP Printers are equipped with the Provision to print a Network Configuration Report with all the necessary Network details on a sheet. Try to print one such Network Configuration Report and investigate the IPV4 details.

  • Navigate to the Setup Icon from the Home Screen of the Printer Control Panel by swiping it.
  • Swipe again on the touch screen and gently press Reports
  • Gently touch the Network Configuration Report to initiate a Network Configuration Print Report of two pages.
  • Open up the Browser Window (IE, Chrome or Mozilla) on your computer and then enter the IP Address found in the Report on the URL bar.
  • The Printer Web Server Page opens up on your Browser.
  • Locate the Network Tab on the page and click on it.
  • Select Wireless in the ensuing page and select IPv4 configuration.
  • Then Select Manual IP and click Apply to save and complete the Manual IP Registration.

Step 3 : Try Disabling SNMP in Printer Properties Window 

  • Enter Devices in the Search Bar of Windows and hit Devices and Printers from the search results
  • Locate your HP 8710 Printer and right click your mouse on it to select Printer Properties.
  • Highlight the Name of your Printer again and click on the Ports tab at the top of the window.
  • Click on Add Port to select and check Standard TCP/IP Port from the list
  • Then Click New Port and hit Next
  • Feed the IPv4 Address from the configuration report and continue to click Next until the process is finished.
  • Now select the TCP/IP Port that is currently in use and hit Configure Port
  • In the Port Settings sub window, disable the check box next to SNMP Status enabled and click OK to save and apply.

Step 4 : Modify the frequency of the Wireless Band

The Wireless Frequency band of the Router may not be compatible with the working frequency range of your Printer. Hence try modifying the wireless band setting in your router to use both 2.4 GHz range and 5 GHz for improved compatibility and to avoid drop in wireless signals. You need to contact your Router Technical support or Manual to find instructions about changing the wireless band.