HP Envy 4527 Wireless Setup & Download Drivers

HP Envy 4527

HP Printers – Unable to Print a HP Envy 4527 ePrint Job

This troubleshoot document is for HP printers that are web-enabled which are setup for HP ePrint.

When you find yourself unable to print the job files that you’ve sent to the HP ePrint email address, you can follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the HP ePrint server that keeps rejecting your print jobs or when an error message appears.

This is the guide to troubleshoot only for issues with the HP ePrint Or 123.hp.com/setup 4527

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Step 1: Look into your Printer’s Status & Requirements

Ensure that your printer is powered on, set up, updated, and connected to a network.

If your printer is connected to your computer using a USB cable, then HP ePrint does NOT work with your printer configured this way.

  1. Check if your printer is powered on and running.
  2. Check if your printer is connected to the Internet.
  • Check the light next to the Wireless icon on the printer and if the icon is steady or blinking. If the light is light is not on or blinking, then press the Wireless button, or open the Wireless settings menu and make sure the wireless network signal is turned on.
  • Ensure that the cable connected to the router is connected to the printer’s Ethernet port end. The sign of whether the cable is connected we need to check the activity light and if it is green and the orange light is blinking.
    Some of the HP printer have a wireless icon and a blue light on the front of the printer. Ensure that this light is ON and not blinking.

If you are having issues with your network connection, skip to the Troubleshoot your network connection step.

  1. Ensure that the Web Services are turned on. In order to use HP ePrint, the Web services must be turned on at all times.

If a connection to server message appears on your wireless printer shows up but Web Services fails to connect with the server, skip to the Troubleshoot your network connection step.

  1. Ensure that your printer’s firmware is updated to the latest firmware. If it is not updated, then the HP ePrint won’t work.

To get the most up to date firmware for your printer, visit the HP Customer Support website. Enter your printer model number and then search for the document that is needed to update the firmware.

  1. Examine your printer’s control panel for any blinking lights or any pop-up error messages.

If it appears to show an error or issue, then visit HP Customer Support and enter your printer’s model number, then search for “blinking lights” or enter the error message that displays.

Step 2: Examine the details about the Email & Print Job requirements
Look into the requirements & instructions below to ensure that your HP ePrint job prints correctly.

  1. Check in the To: field and ensure that the entered email address is the correct printer email address.
    If there are many other additional email addresses in the same field as the printer’s email address, then it’s understood that the HP ePrint server cancels the print jobs. To add extra email addresses, type them into the Cc:
  2. Ensure that the Subject line of the email has some text. An email with no subject line text might cause the HP ePrint server to cancel the print job.
  3. Make sure that the email account that you are sending the email to is correct, if you receive an ePrint error email.

Ensure that the HP ePrint email requirements shown below are met:

  • Email print jobs with more than 10 attachments are not allowed.
  • Attachments sized higher than 10 MB in the email print jobs are not allowed.
  • Only the following document file types are permitted: text (.txt), PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx), Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt & .pptx), and Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx).
  • For printing photos using ePrint only the following file types are permitted: .bmp, .gif, .png, and .tiff.
  • The horizontal & vertical resolution of the photos attached must be higher than 100 pixels.
  • HP ePrint does not process any attachments which are digitally signed, encrypted, or password protected. 

Step 3: Troubleshooting your Network Connection

In order to troubleshoot and fix the common connection issues, you must check out the following steps, depending on your connection type. HP ePrint does not work if your printer is not connected to an active Internet connection.

Go to the HP Customer Support page, for any information on how to connect your printer online, if you get an error message. Enter the model number of your printer and then look out for the guide that helps in installing your printer for a wired or wireless connection, or search specifically mentioning the error message that appears when you’re trying to connect your printer to the network.

HP Envy 4527 Wireless Setup:

Follow these steps below to fix the wireless network connection issues:

  • Computer & Printer restart: Most of the error conditions can be cleared when you restart your printer and computer.
  • Checking the printer connection & network name: Ensure that your printer’s Wireless feature is switched on, and make sure that your printer is connected to the same network as the one you have connected your computer or mobile phone. Make sure that the Wireless icon’s blue light seen on the wireless printer is blinking/lighting up.
  • Check your printer’s connection using your mobile phone’s cellular Internet connection: Using your mobile phone’s/tablet’s cellular Internet connection, if you are able to connect with the printer successfully, then this shows that you have a poor Wi-Fi Internet connection. Check with your Internet connection provider for any help regarding this issue.
  • Manual Printer connection setup: Using the wireless setup wizard seen on most HP printer control panel network or with the wireless settings menu. Proceed by following exactly what is mentioned on the screen and then enter your network’s name and password to start connecting your printer to the network.
  • Placing the printer & router at close proximity: Move your printer and your computer close to the wireless router a little over 6ft. The more the distance between the printer and the router, the weaker the signal becomes.
  • Router restart: Try restarting your wireless router if you find your internet connection very slow and intermittent. You can reach out to the router manufacturer’s support page or your Internet service provider to get any help on how to restart your wireless router.
    Looking into the router’s frequency band: Routers usually operate in the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands, but most HP printers do not support both frequency bands. Make sure that the 2.4 GHz router band is enabled with your router. If your router broadcasts separate network names (SSIDs) for each band, then connect your HP printer to the 2.4 GHz band SSID.
  • Examining your Firewall: Your computer’s firewall settings can stop your printer from accessing your computer. Configure your firewall software to allow HP downloads & installations or you must allow/accept any firewall messages that display during the printer installation procedure.
  • Remove any signal hindrances: Metal objects like refrigerators or bookcases that might be in the space between your router, computer and printer can interfere with the wireless signals.
  • Looking out for surrounding radio & wireless signals: Radio waves emitting devices placed near the router, computer or printer can interfere with your wireless signals being transmitted.
  • Setting an IP address to the printer: Printers have the ability to get away without being assigned an IP address by DHCP and so you will need to manually assign a valid IP address for your printer by entering the IP address on the front panel menu of your printer.

HP Envy 4527 Wired (Ethernet) Connection

To troubleshoot your wired network connection between your printer, router and computer, you can follow these instructions below.

  • Printer & Computer restart: Most of the error conditions can be cleared when you restart your printer and computer.
  • Checking the network connection: You can confirm if your printer is connected to the wired network by checking the cable & the lights on the printer’s Ethernet port. If you notice the green link light is glowing and the orange activity light must blink to ensure that the cable is connected to the printer.
  • Examine the cable: Ensure that the cable plugged to the printer is the Ethernet cable and not the Phone cables, since they look very identical.
    Plug back the Ethernet cable: Pull out the Ethernet cable and plug the cable back into the right port of back of the printer.
  • Use a different cable: You might have good success in trying out a different Ethernet cable.