123 HP DJ 3630 Double Side Printing (Duplexing)

Double Side Printing (Duplexing) HP DJ 3630 Double sided printing


123 HP 3630 Printer offers you a provision to print on both sides of the page provided that full feature software is installed on the Windows computer. You can update the Printer settings and Page setup to enable the duplexing feature to save paper and cut costs.

Double Side Printing

The Duplexing Settings may be changed or updated to enable printing on either side of the paper.

As a note of precaution, refrain from printing on both sides of envelopes, photo paper, glossy paper or thinner/thicker papers which might cause frequent paper jams.

  1. Load sufficient amount of blank paper of desired size into the paper Input tray of your printer to avoid running out of paper availability for the whole print job.
  1. Browse the file you would like to open. Open it, click on File and select Print from options.
  1. In the Print Window , carefully choose the Name of your Printer. Then click Printer Properties or Preferences or 123 HP 3630 Printer Setup depending on the options shown in the Print window. Clicking on any of these options, it opens up Document Properties or Printing Preferences

You may see a Printing Shortcut Tab on the Document Properties Window. Click on it if you see it and then click on Print on Both Sides or Two sided (Duplex) Printing option from an array of options if seen.

In some versions of Windows , The Printing Shortcut or Duplexing shortcut will not be present due to the OS/Software being not updated. In such cases, please click on either Layout or Features or Finishing tab contingent upon what is being shown on the window.

  1. Clicking on Layout opens up the Layout Screen on which Print on Both Sides or Two-side Printing options will be found. Select it and then personalize the output document to either look like a booklet or tablet. For that you may choose between page flip or binding option depending on your output needs.
  1. Try to Print after saving the Settings.

The HP Printers that has inbuilt automatic duplexing feature prints on one side of the page and then rerolls another side of the page to print both sides. The Double side printing concludes here and you need not proceed to do further action steps.

  1. For 123 HP 3630 Printers that does not support Auto Duplexing features, you will have to manually get rid of the printed one side pages from the output tray of your printer. Then align them on all edges by tapping the sheath of paper on the table.
  1. Reload the stack of one side printed pages back into the main input which may be located on the front or rear depending on the printer model. For printers with rear input tray, turn over the pages to keep the print side of the pages facing down and cram the short edge in the bottom into the printer. For Printers with front input tray , load a stack of paper with the print side up and bottom edge into the printer for inkjet printers or print face down and top edge into the printer for laser jet printers.
  1. Click on Continue to print overleaf.