Debugging Printer – HP Officejet Pro 9015 Wi-Fi Connectivity

123 HP Setup 9015Wi-Fi Connectivity is the most extensively used form of PC to Printer connectivity in the modern day wireless printers. Users need to possess basic knowledge in forging and troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity challenges for quickly bouncing back from annoying connection disruptions at home.

A conventional approach especially when the PC fails to detect/recognize 123 HP Officejet Pro Pro 9015 via a Wi-Fi connection is to reboot all the involved (PC, Router & Printer) devices at once and establish a new connection yet again.

Step 1 : Device Reboot

Reboot the entire suite of devices as an effective step for regaining Wi-Fi Connectivity for the printer and the computer.

• Power OFF the Printer and hold on for several seconds.

• Engage in a power cycle attempt by pulling the printer power plug from the backside of HP Officejet Pro 9015.

• Power OFF your personal computer or smartphone used for generating print commands.

• Re-engage the power cord back to the printer and then switch 123 HP Officejet Pro 9015 ON.

• The Power cycle attempt delineates the need for disconnecting the power cord of the router as well and keep it idle for several seconds again.

• Re-engage the power cord back to the router and turn it ON. Router will start picking up Network signals in a while.

• Switch the Personal Computer back ON.

• Now both the printer and network are available to connect together. Read the steps to know how to do it.

Step 2 : Network & Printer Connectivity

The Printer has multifarious ways to connect to a wireless network, the most notable being Wireless Setup Wizard, WPS (Only if it is compatible) and auto-connectivity software called HP Smart. Be cognizant of the concept that guest network restricts or prevents printer connectivity in public environments where Wi-Fi Direct is the preferred norm.

Touchscreen Control Panel fitted Printer :

The Wireless Setup Wizard feature on 123 HP Officejet Pro 9015 is a big help to forge connectivity between it and the wireless network.

• Touchscreen based Control Panels display Wireless icon on their home screen . Soft-touch the Wireless icon followed by Setup icon.

• Browse for Restore Network Defaults/Restore Network Settings to select that option. End with a Yes to affirm all the above selections. Doing so will reinstate the printer to default network settings.

• Once the printer reverts to default settings, steer through this trail. Back Arrow  Wireless Settings  Wireless Setup Wizard. The Printer begins to seek all open networks.

• From a list of open network, choose the fancied network by selecting it.

• One may also manually feed the desired Network Name you wish to connect to. This is added help when the desired network is absent in the list of open networks shown. Network Name is known to be case sensitive and will reject case errors outright.

• Identify and authenticate yourself by inputting Network Security Password aka WEP or WPA Key. End by touching Done.

• The moment printer gains connectivity, the blue light called the Wireless light starts glowing solid confirming the connection.

• In the event of a connection failure, Prod the printer in printing a Wireless Test Network report to glance into minutiae of details causing the trouble.

Non-Touchscreen Control Panel:

Even Non-Touchscreen Control Panels have plenty of options such as Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), HP Smart assist app etc. An alternative way would be to transitorily use the USB cable and later convert the wired connection to wireless.

WPS Method:

WPS method comes to the rescue for all printers with traditional kind of Control Panel.

• Catch a glimpse of the WPS button present on the Router but just leave it at that for now and do nothing more.

• Switch ON the Printer. Awaken the Printer from Sleep mode by tapping the Cancel button.

• Do a total reset of the Printer Network Settings. Try to synchronously press the Cancel and Wireless Buttons which sends the Power light and Wireless light flickering one after another. HP Tango Printers reset works a little differently. Only the Wireless button have to be pushed down for few seconds sending the blue bar flashing to signal zoning into wireless setup mode.

• The Printer lost all network settings and is reinstated to Setup mode and stays that way for the next couple of hours.

• Then, Router’s WPS button must be pushed down for a good 5 seconds to reinitiate the WPS connection procedures.

• The Printer shifts gears to chase down the WPS connection but only for the stipulated two minutes of time and aborts the search thereafter. So be diligent in pressing the WPS button in no more than 2 minutes of time.

• Now the Printer stands connected acknowledged by the solid Wireless light glistening in blue.

Step 3 : Ordering a Wireless Network Test report

Treat the Wireless Network Test Report as an investigative report and embark upon a set of prescribed corrective steps to overturn the scenario.

LCD & Text enabled Control Panel Printers: Order for a Wireless Network Test Report through Wireless or Network Settings Menu.

Printers with simple Control Panel: Instruct the simple control panel printers to print Network Test Report using combination keys, often Wireless and Information button together. Try the secondary combination keys Wireless and Start Copy Black Button if the former didn’t work.