Challenges and Fixes – HP Printer Apps

123 HP OJPro 6968 Setup

HP Printers have the capability to print from remote workstation and mobile devices through Network connection with the help of proprietary HP Printer Apps.

This is a guide to manage and fix a slew of issues that may emerge with HP Printer Apps on HP Printers that are connected on a WLAN or World Wide Web (WWW).

Response to Error Message “There was a Problem Connecting to the Server’ 

The above error message crops up due to a range of causes. The Circumstances could vary from the unavailability of HP Web Services or due to lack of firmware upgrades or as simple as the printer not connected to an active network. A range of simple troubleshooting steps can be employed to make the HP Printer Apps function actively.

Step  1 : Close the Printer and launch it again.

  • Try to close the HP Printer App immediately on facing this error message. Pause for a second and launch the app again.

If the error message repeats, jump to the next troubleshooting series.

Step 2: Use the HP Printer App at a later point of time. 

  • Wait until the HP Web Services becomes available and active and then try launching the HP Printer App again and use it. 

Step 3 : The Printer must have an active internet access. 

  • The printer must be connected to an active internet for the Printer Apps to function otherwise which they simply don’t. Please double check to remove any USB Cable connection if any.
  • The first step is to verify the wireless connectivity between the Printer and the Network by checking the Wireless signal on the Wireless Network or Settings Menu on the Printer Control Panel. For the Printers that are equipped with Wireless Icon and Blue light indicator, the light should be ON and also glow solid to indicate wireless connection to a Network.

If the error message repeats, jump to the next troubleshooting series.

Step 4 : Check for potential problems with Wireless Network 

Try the following techniques and methods to detect and resolve potential problems with the wireless network that you are connected to.

  • Power Cycle and Reboot both the Printer and the computer as the first step towards resolution.
  • The Blue Light Indicator adjacent to the Wireless Icon should glow solid and steady indicating the strength of connection. There is a high likelihood that the Printer may not be connected to our desired network but to a different network which should not be overlooked.
  • Position the Printer and Computer within the router network range but not less than 6ft. The distance might affect the wireless signal strength and consequently the performance.
  • Connect the Printer to a Network through Manual Procedures by using the Wireless Setup Wizard Tool on the Control Panel Display. Enter data such as Network Name and password to manually connect it.
  • Power Cycle and Reboot the Router for broken or intermittent wireless connections.
  • Enable the 2.4 GHz band on the Router as a majority of the HP Printers are able to communicate only on this frequency band. Choose the 2.4 GHz band for strong connectivity and also check if it is broadcasting.
  • The Firewall may prevent your Printer from communicating with your computer. Allow the Firewall to download and install HP Software and also acknowledge printing requests from the computer by configuring and customizing the firewall settings.
  • Be mindful of any physical objects that may act as obstacle to the wireless signal strength and will distort the communication. Also check for EMI devices such as Microwaves and Cordless Phones in the vicinity which will further impede the wireless signal strength.
  • Try to manually set the chosen IP address as against DHCP assigned automatic IP Address on the device’s control panel menu.

Check if the Printer App works now. Continue to the next set of steps if the printer establishes connection with the internet but displays the error message again.

Step 5 : Try Updating the Printer Firmware  

The Printer firmware can be updated and installed from the device’s Control Panel.

  • Gently touch the HP ePrint icon on the Control Panel Display and then touch Settings or Setup depending on the options displayed. Finally choose Product Update or Check Product Updates.
  • You will be prompted to agree to the terms of service and then will steer you through a series of on screen instructions to complete the Update Process. This configuration also helps the printer to receive future updates when connected to an active network.
  • The Printer may not auto initiate the update process in certain circumstances where manual intervention is needed. In such case, Press Check for Updates to begin the process.