123 HP Officejet Pro 9015

Unveiling 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 9015


Pictures have always brought upon oodles of joy and unbridled happiness to people’s minds and hearts. HP takes tremendous pride in bringing about smile onto people’s faces by producing printers of the highest quality and excellence. HP endeavors to transform imaginations and one-time realities into eternal memoirs for life. And How? 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is one of the finest examples of a printer that perfectly acts as a home cum Business Printer straddling the best of both worlds.

This Primer is a one-stop guide to help unravel this symbol of splendor and nicely set it up to relish and enjoy the printing experience. Unboxing the Printer requires gentle and delicate approach which includes unloading, disrobing various kinds of protective and/or packaging materials, proper power cable connections, filling the input tray with paper and ink cartridges installation. Let’s roll right away!!

For all users that underwent HP Printer Software update operation, ignore and go forward! If not, log in to 123.hp.com/setup 9015

Step 1: 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All in One Wireless Printer – Unveiling

  • Gently unload the printer from the consignment package
  • Disrobe the Printer by taking off any protective and/or packaging matter shrouding the outer shell of the printer. Open the top door of 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 thereafter.
  • Do further combing inside of the ink cartridge access door and get rid of similar packaging matter over there too.
  • Probe deep under the hood i.e inside the ink cartridge chamber and cabin for more such packaging matter and carefully eliminate each one of them. Set back the doors to its previous closed condition.

Step 2 : Power Feeder Cable & Control Panel Configuration

Make use of the enclosed power cables for printer power supply and making initial desired changes by configuring Control Panel Settings for HP OfficeJet Pro 9015.

  • Untie the brand new power cable which should connect the power socket found on the tail of the printer and the other end should go to the AC Mains on your home’s wall.
  • Power up your printer by touching the Power
  • The Control Panel initializes for a moment and flashes the Language Menu on its display awaiting a user response. Pick out the language of your choice from the menu options and proceed with a Yes.
  • Next is the Country/Region Menu shown on the CP Display! Pick the Country/Region you’re using the product in appropriately and proceed with a Yes like how you did on the last step.
  • Next is the Date/Time Menu shown on the CP Display! Adjust the Date and tap Next.
  • Adjust Time and Tap Done to sign off the configuration process.

Step 3 : Inserting compatible Ink Cartridges

HP Officejet Pro 9015 is supplied with brand new ink cartridges in its box. The ink cartridges are indispensable for the printers to begin working.

  • Maneuvering inside the ink cartridge chamber literally means opening the exterior and interior ink cartridge door in a row and with great attention especially for an unskilled new user.
  • Opening these doors swings the Printer carriage into action coasting to the middle of the axis and silences eventually.
  • Unzip the ink cartridges from its encasement how many ever required. Rely on using the black lateral sides only for holding the new cartridges. The Protective tapes, if any, should have been removed in the first place.
  • The caveat about ink cartridges is that their ink nozzles and copper dyed contact surfaces can neither be touched nor infringed upon. Even a simple manipulation will render the ink cartridges useless or damaged and will even lead to electrical variations.
  • Hold the ink cartridge with an upward inclined top and thrust it into an empty slot to secure it which can be confirmed with a locking sound. The tri-color ink cartridges are inserted to the left whereas the black cartridges are inserted on the right hand side slot.
  • All of the ink cartridges must go into the respective empty slots.
  • Lock and close the exterior and interior door of 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 9015.

Step 4 : Stacking a Paper Bundle on Input Tray.

We’re getting close to start printing from HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. All you need to do next is to stack a sizeable amount of plain white paper bundle on the paper input tray. Pursue the following steps to scrupulously complete the stacking process

  • First, the Input tray must be raised.
  • Slip the Paper width adjuster to its farther left side.
  • Stack an A4 white paper bundle and ram them into the tray compartment to seal them tight.
  • The Paper Width Adjuster must be reoriented again to firmly press against the paper stack and yet not stifle it.
  • Draw forward the Output tray of HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 and tilt the tray extender upwards.

Step 5 : Ensuring the fitting alignment of Ink Cartridges 

The Proper Alignment of ink Cartridges is attributed to achieving excellent print quality and HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 knows how to handle it.

  • As soon as the paper mounting is over, let’s touch OK on the printer’s control panel triggering an Alignment page to print. This auto printing of an Alignment page is triggered only for new cartridges installation.
  • Pull the Scanner lid above and seat the just printed Alignment page on the scanner bed. Ensure if the printed side of the page is superimposed on the scanner bed and tucked snugly under the etched boundary guides.
  • All you have to do is to close the lid of the Scanner and depress OK button on CP. The HP Officejet Pro 9015 Printer completes an Alignment routine by itself.

Step 6 : Addition of Printer Software

After properly assembling the printer hardware right, it is time to install the required Printer software for efficient functioning of the device. Boot your OS on the computer without really connecting your printer to the device unless otherwise instructed.

Get started by jumping into 123.hp.com/setup 9015 to access HP Software treasury for a range of HP’s device lineup.

HP Officejet Pro 9015 - Going the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) way !!

Wi –Fi Protected Setup is one of those featured methods catching on real fast as a way to connect your printer device to an active regional wireless network. WPS push button disposes the need of entering Network Name/Password information ever at all making it ridiculously easy.

However, if you run into ‘Enter the WPS PIN for your Printer’ message in the course of setup, take no action other than simply closing the window. The message appears for a Wi-Fi Direct utility and can be ignored.

The Wireless user community of today has a certain predilection towards WPS mode of wireless connectivity. The Router and Printer are hooked via WPS Setup modality and then HP authentic Software/Driver are installed to help facilitate your smartphone/tablet or PC connect and control your printer wirelessly.

WPS works on conditional basis with the stipulation that the local wireless network is protected by WPA or WPA2 security and a WPS compatible router.

Let’s begin the process by ascertaining whether the Router has a direct WPS button or a button featuring WPS Icon which is easy to identify and reference.

  • It’s a flying start should you have found the button on the Router. If the Router is devoid of a WPS button after thorough investigation, then it may be likely that you have a WPS unsupported Router. Checking the user manual of the router is recommended for final confirmation.
  • The Printer and the router must be stationed in close range of each other for enhanced signal frequency.
  • Set the WPS mode on the Printer and it varies with the type of control panel
  • Touchscreen Control Panel : Navigate the following path through visual options on CP. Setup/Network/Wireless Settings Menu -> Wi-Fi Protected Setup -> Push Button -> Start.
  • Simple Control Panel: Depress the Wireless button on the control center of the printer and hold it as far as you can observe the flashing indicator light. Wireless and Power button must be synchronously pressed just in case if the printers belong to Tango Watch for the flickering blue bar on Tango printers for confirmation.
  • Under a 2 minutes’ deadline, the WPS button must be pressed and held for a few seconds to initialize the connection setup.
  • Go back and observe the light or bar denoting the wireless connectivity on your HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Printer.
  • The Connection setup is typically successful demonstrated by the solid light or bar on the printer.
  • The connection setup may turn futile if the printer and router aren’t in close enough range. Be prudent to check the range distance and move them closer if necessary and reiterate the steps again.
  • Always double check if the printer and computer share the very same local wireless network and not any other network.
  • Get to 123.hp.com/setup 9015 and pursue the installation instructions elaborated in the website for completing the wireless setup & connection.

Printer switching to Offline Mode/Undetectable

It is not uncommon to encounter scenarios of Printer switching to offline status or simply the printer won’t just respond and will stay unresponsive for no obvious reasons.

Some of the standard error messages shown are ‘Printer is Offline’ and ‘The Printer is not responding’. Below are the steps to handle those error codes whilst using a Mac System.

Step 1 : Reactivate the hibernating Printer

The Printer may be unavailable for numerous reasons, predominantly being the printer is turned OFF or in any other mode apart from the Active mode. Reactivate the printer to help it become receptive and responsive for all print commands sent.

  • Play the role of a Proctor to see if the printer is even powered up. Wake up the printer to an active state using the Power button should it remain in Sleep or Hibernation The alternation of modes due to inactivity is a major culprit and should first be checked.
  • Do a quick surveillance to verify if the paper stack has been loaded to the primary tray, right sized and authentic HP Ink cartridges are being used/installed, no error codes or alarming light signals are encountered. This inspection solves most of the persisting problems.
  • Reboot the printer and allow it return to Active state again.
  • Now, engage in printing. If the issue still prevails, the next step may effectively resolve it.

Step 2 : Attempting Printing System Reset

Attempting to reset Printing system is quite an effective and potent counter move to resolve issues whose genesis or origin is unknown or not easily traceable.

  • Search for Apple Menu and click on it. Then find and click System Preferences.
  • Click on Print & Fax/Print & Scan/Printers & Scanners depending on the options Mac shows.
  • Use the Right-click or engage Control Plus Click on the Printer window. This sprouts up ‘Reset Printing System’ which needs to be clicked.
  • Another windows appears to reconfirm your input. Click Reset
  • Reset is a critical action which needs administrator authentication such as User Name and Password. Finish with an OK to reset to original configuration.
  • Once the whole of the printing system undergoes a total reset, please re-add the printer again and then go for printing. If the issue continues to prevail, please read below for the last resort.

Step 3 : Wired and/or Wireless Troubleshooting

If the issue lasts this stage, perhaps the roots of the issue traces to connectivity or network related problems. Go ahead and investigate wired/wireless connection faults which could be the villain.