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Unboxing, Setup and Configuration of HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

HP has vowed to stay competitive and innovative and has truly lived up to its name and illustrious standards.  The Technology Behemoth is an unrivaled leader in redefining its product series which has returned to sweep the markets with its latest offering, the smart and dapper looking 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 All-in-one printer series.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is not just stunning by the physical appeal but an insanely smart thinker as well. Yes, HP has seeded intelligence into their newfangled business printer series leaving the customers startled and flabbergasted. HP OfficeJet Pro series of printers wears a design that is simply trailblazing and slated to be the harbinger for a new era of printer design.

Whilst HP is celebrated for its performance pedigree, the printer evolution is transforming into sharp and shrewd taking the avatar of refreshed HP OfficeJet Pro series. Your Printer momentarily replaces your brain and acts just as smart as you skipping past routine and recurring steps,spontaneous automation of scan functions and self-organizing documents faster and efficient than ever. Say good bye to Paper spillage – thanks to whip-smart output tray system.

Combined with amazing mobility and top of the line security features such as Self-Healing Wi-Fi ,OfficeJet Pro series is a masterpiece that every small or medium enterprises covets.

Unveiling your 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a joyous experience but the user cannot afford to adopt a lackadaisical approach in offloading the printer from the shipped HP carton. One of those reasons why we keep our support documents accessible for all new and old users alike to benefit from crystal clear tiered guide on how to offload !

Step 1 : Offloading HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

As is obvious, offload the HP Printer from freight carton in a regular and even fashion to transport the printer in pristine condition to a table top. Secondly, release the printer from stick tapes and other packaging stuff glued to it.

  • Open the Carton and lift the brand new HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 out of the carton.
  • Try to peel anythin polyethylene film pasted on the Printer Control Panel.
  • Peel off the packing stickers/tapes protecting the scanner glass. Seek the help of the second-in-command to lift and hold the scanner while you are focusing on removing the protective films. This is advised to be safer than doing it by ourselves.
  • Close down the Scanner lid after cleaning the scanner glass.

Step 2 : Coupling Power Cord &Pre-set Control Panel Preferences 

  • Power the Printer by plugging the power cable on to the nearest AC wall socket and then power up the Printer. Preset the control panel preferences to meet your needs.
  • Refrain from connecting any data communication cable, notably the USB cable. You will get a chance to connect the USB cable in the middle of the software installation for which you must wait.
  • Get hold of the power cable and plug it into the designated power port seen usually on the rear of the printer. Of course, the other end must be plugged into electrical wall socket or power extension device.
  • The Printer receives power instantaneously and wakes up from the slumber. If it is not, use the power button to turn it ON.
  • The Control Panel screen flashes the startup checks on Settings and activates the Language Menu settings prompting an input from the user. Act immediately to select desired Language and finish with a Confirm.
  • Repeat the same action above but this time for Country/Region

3 : Insert & Secure Ink Cartridges

It’s about the right time to insert and secure the ink cartridges delivered with the Printer.

  • Pull open the front shield door first up. Now, the ink cartridge access door is visible and can be lifted up.
  • The carriage instantly shuffles across the axis. Let it screech to a standstill.
  • The Carriage may be covered with protective plastic sheath which must be extricated.
  • Dole out a pack of ink cartridges from the carton. Uncover the cartridge from its protective plastic covering by pulling the orange flip right back.
  • Be advised to double check if the plastic covering or wrap is fully disrobed before removing the orange cap in the subsequent step. If negligent, this might result in ink leaking out of the cartridge. While the plastic covering is being removed, the paper label sheathing the head of the ink cartridge cracks a bit allowing measured air flow into the cartridges which is good.
  • The Orange Cap must go. So, spin and flip the cap in Anti-Clockwise Direction to take off the cap. The best position to hold the ink cartridges while executing this is by its sides.
  • Reach the cartridge housing compartment. Then Insert and secure the ink cartridges into the respective slots. Confirm the proper seating by a clicking sound.
  • Reproduce the same steps for seating all of those remaining ink cartridges.
  • Close all the open doors on the Printer.
  • Finish with an OK once the Printer initialization is thoroughly complete.

Step 5 : Leveraging the Fax Feature

If a user would like to utilize the fax feature, they could identify the fax cable and link it between the Printer and a Landline connection.

  • One end of the fax cable is plugged into the RJ 11 port on the phone wall jack and the LINE end to the LINE port on the printer’s port deck.
  • Answering machine folks could plug one end on the machine but the other should conversely go to EXT fax port jack.

Step 4 :A4 Paper Mounting on the Input Tray

Mount a pile of A4 sheets or U.S Letter size sheets on the Input Tray and trigger the Printer to do an auto alignment.

  • The Input Tray must be slid forward followed by manual regulation of paper width guides.
  • Mount a Pile of A4 sheets or U.S Letter Size sheets right on the base of the Input tray. Keep in mind that the Print side of the paper should be kept facing the ground.
  • Pull the paper width guides closer to neatly flank the edges of the paper pile.
  • Push back the Input tray and gently touch OK on the home screen of the control panel. The Printer self-triggers to print and eject an Alignment Page.
  • Pick up the Alignment Page and mount it on the scanner glass with the printed side pressed against the glass and corners properly oriented across the engraved edges on the glass corner.
  • Put down the lid of the Scanner and gently press OK.
  • The Scanner scans the mounted Alignment page to auto align itself. Alignment successful is the short message received that confirms the alignment.

Step 6 : Printer Software Installation

The final course of action is to download the most up to date version of original HP Printer Software from HP’s official website and install them on your Personal Computer. The cardinal rule is to not connect the printer and the computer whatsoever prior to the software installation process.

Wired Connection Medium – USB (Windows)

HP OfficeJet Pro can connect to the PC/Workstation in numerous ways where USB is one of the routine and mainstream connection medium.

USB connection medium is platform independent connecting to both Windows and Mac operating systems. Nonetheless the connection steps and navigation access distinctly deviates from each other though.

The Printer’s hardware capability is immense and all-round but to fully profit from it, please download the full feature drivers and/or Printer software from HP’s official website 123.hp.com/setup 8035 or at 123.hp.com/ojpro8035

Step 1 :  Drafting the USB Setup Plan 

Drafting the USB Setup plan for a PC /Workstation begins with Requirements gathering, verification and arrangement. This action ensures a calm and composed approach to a clean USB Printer setup.

Concurrently, be diligent in scouting for old version of same or other printer software installed versions and delete them instantly to prepare for a fresh USB Setup & Installation.

  • Ensure the availability of the undermentioned items to make a successful connection attempt.
  • A fully functional and working Printer
  • Fetch or Purchase an USB cable of length in the neighborhood of 3m (9 Feet 10 inches) or below. Most Printers won’t have an USB cable supplied along.
  • All Windows PC’s and Mac’s come up with USB Port provision which is the recommended port to plug your USB cable into. Do not deliberate in using any kind of USB Hub or Docking station as an intermediate device which may fall flat in transmitting adequate power supply.
  • Users have a common misconception that USB cable may be connected during the power setup process itself which is incorrect. Had the user committed such a lapse especially before the HP Driver Installation process, they can attempt to reverse the situation through a device driver imprint removal process inside the Mac or Windows Operating system. All other users who did not connect the USB cable so far, can hop to the Driver Installation process.
  • Remove the connected USB cable from both ends as a first measure. Hold off in reconnecting the USB cord until after the driver installation process commences.
  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel’ in Windows OS and click open ‘Devices and Printers’. If you are unfamiliar with the path, Search the Windows using keyword ‘Devices’. Either of the above method will land you in ‘Devices and Printers’
  • A Printer icon featuring HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 may crop up in the ‘Devices and Printers’ Use the Mouse right-click button to select and simultaneously open a drop down menu. Click on ‘Remove Device’ once or multiple times to erase all device imprints.
  • Close the ‘Devices and Printers’ screen at once.

Step 2 : Download & Install Drivers – USB Connection Setup

HP’s Product Team works round the clock to keep their device drivers and software up to date to avoid conflicts and software driven errors which might render the printer ineffective. No matter whatever version of the driver/software you have saved, it is a good practice to check back on the HP’s Official website to download and save the most up-to-date and applicable software for HP OfficeJet Pro 8035.

  • Type 123.hp.com/setup 8035 on the browser address bar and hit Enter. Type HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 as the Printer model on a text box and click Download. The Auto-download process initiates and prompts you to save the file the moment download completes. Watch out for HP Easy Start download.
  • If nothing interrupts, then a full feature driver or HP Easy start will initiate instantly. All you have to do is just to respond with routine user commands on the auto- setup application guide. The crucial aspect here is to select the connection type as USB at the point of prompt. Do nothing more as the setup is presumably successful in all likelihood.
  • If there is a hindrance in the shape of a failed download or missing printer software on HP’s official website, one has to engage in a manual download and USB Setup process.
  • Head to HP Customer Support – Software and Downloads, key in HP OfficeJet 8035 upon an obvious prompt that appears. Be particular and accurate in selecting the Operating System Version over there.
  • If ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ page welcomes you, the webpage is trying to determine and discover the compatible driver/software for HP OfficeJet 8035 all by itself. All the Input the web page needs is your Printer model and OS Version.
  • So, Choose Printer to enter Printer Model information/code and Hit Submit.
  • Similarly, Choose Operating System to select or change OS Version and Hit Change to finish.
  • Navigate to the Driver heading and hit Download or Basic Drivers apposite to the needs of the user.
  • This downloads the Installer which will be instrumental in escorting you through the connection Setup process. Minimum user intervention may be required except for the selection of USB as the connection type to aid in effective Setup completion.
  • Ta-da!! The Printer must now be able to Print or Scan whichever is initiated.

Wireless Setup – 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

The wired connectivity method is slowly but surely falling out of favor. The technology world witnesses a burgeoning growth in wireless devices and connectivity methods and is going to explode into a wireless ecosystem. HP pioneered wireless connection methods for Printers and showed the world how to do this!! HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a new entrant in the printer product sphere but is taking wireless connectivity and security a few notches above. Self –healing Wi-Fi is an intelligent Wi-Fi scanner that keeps you always connected to a working network.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is powered by HP Smart or Wireless Setup Wizard to enable and activate Wireless connectivity. Ensure the availability of an active internet connection in the precinct.

Step 1 : Sketching the Wireless Connectivity Setup & Installation

123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 can be operated over a wireless network provided the controlling devices such as PC or Smartphone and Wireless enabled Router are in operating status.

  • To successfully connect and operate the printer over a local wireless network, the following is a must.
  • A Personal Computer or Smartphone or Tablet having perfect compatibility with the Printer. Any of these devices used must be connected to your wireless network.
  • Strong Internet connection, preferably Broadband
  • Keep all the involved devices powered ONe Router and PC/Smartphone/Tablet
  • Bear in mind that the Printer and PC/Smartphone combination must use the same wireless network.
  • Hoping that you had finished the initial Printer Setup exercise which comprises of basic Hardware & control Panel Settings, securing ink cartridges and compatible paper bundle mounting on the Input tray.
  • Move around all connected devices i.e Printer, PC/Smartphone and Router to station them all well within the wireless range of the router to guarantee strong connectivity. Once confirmed, go ahead and power up the Printer.

Step 2 : Home Stretch- Link up the Printer Wirelessly

HP Smart App :

HP Smart App is a savior for users with limited knowledge in Wireless Connectivity. HP Smart app simplifies connectivity steps and enables quick launch. Let’s see how HP Smart App hooks 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 to a wireless network. The compatible PC should run Windows 10 or Mac OS and likewise, the Smartphone should be powered by Android or Apple latest OS versions.

  • Bear in mind that the Printer and PC/Smartphone combination must use the same wireless network.
  • HP’s Official Website 123.hp.com/setup 8035 should assist in downloading and Installing the sharp HP Smart App.
  • Run the App and agree to the stated Terms & Conditions.
  • Please find the Plus Sign and click on it. Follow the options path Add Printer -> Set Up and Add a New Printer.
  • HP Smart App is quite sharp enough to escort you through a series of on-screen instructions to wirelessly hook the HP Printer onto the desired Wireless Network. As simple as that !! The Android OS version 7 or later is thoroughly compatible. Provided one experiences challenges in the aforementioned versions, temporarily deactivating the Mobile data solves the network conflict.
  • Your Printer is now raring to go!

123 HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Setup Wizard :  

Wireless Setup Wizard is an inbuilt Control Panel feature which is another effective alternative assist to link up your printer wirelessly.

  • Swipe down the home screen of the control panel to access the printer’s dashboard. Setup Icon is nested inside the Dashboard which must be pressed.
  • Track the following options. Network Setup à Wireless Settings à Wireless Setup Wizard. The Printer launches a probe of available wireless networks in the region.
  • Select the desired Network Name.
  • If the desired Network Name is absent, use the option Enter Network Name to carry out a manual feed by typing in the Name.
  • The User Identity is verified with the help of a Password Verification. Finish with an OK. The Network Name and Password is clearly Case-Sensitive meaning the appropriate cases have to be adhered to while entering them.
  • Now, HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is ready for use !!!