123 HP Officejet 5255 Wireless Setup

123 HP Officejet 5255 Wireless Printing via AirPrint


All Apple Devices comes powered with an inherent wireless printing feature called Apple AirPrint. AirPrint comes pre-loaded on iOS Operating System and all apps downloaded from iStore have a built-in print feature.

HP has also upgraded its printers to be compatible with Apple AirPrint post 2010.

Should you have recently updated the HP Printer Software, disregard and move ahead! Or else, log in to 123.hp.com/setup 5255

Step 1 : Hook up Apple device & HP OfficeJet 5255

Let’s hook up the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with 123.hp.com/oj5255 through a regional wireless Network to engage the wireless print assist feature called AirPrint.

  • Pick up your iPhone or iPad and toggle the Wi-Fi feature ON. The Wi-Fi gets auto connected to your favorite network signified by a marked check box next to the Network name. Please swap the connection to a desired network if it is connected to a network other than your desired network.
  • The succeeding step is monitoring the connection status of the Network
    • Touchscreen Control Panel Printers: Network Connection Status can be viewed in Network Settings Menu or Setup The Wireless Icon can also be pushed down arrive at Network Settings/Setup Menu.
    • Non – Touchscreen Control Panel Printers: Printers without the feature of display control panels have relied upon a combination of buttons to view the connection status. There could be 2 possible combinations dependent upon the printer model. ‘Wireless + Information’ buttons or ‘Wireless + Start Copy Black’ buttons will do it.
  • Take the next course of action in light of the Network connection status.
    • If the Printer is successfully connected to the desired network, excellent!! Start thinking about what to print from your iOS device.
    • If the Printer failed to connect to the desired network, you’re few more troubleshooting steps away from printing the file/image of your choice.
  • Take another shot in connecting the printer to the desired network.
    • Touchscreen Control Panel Printers: Count on Wireless Setup Wizard to get you hooked to the network. Wireless Setup Wizard can be accessed via Setup, Wireless or Network Menu shown on Printer’s Control Panel.
    • Non- Touchscreen Control Panel Printers : Depress the Wireless and Cancel Buttons at once and keep pressing them until the power and wireless light begins to flash successively. Only Wireless Button have to be engaged for a few seconds for Tango Printers leading to blue flashing edge light.
  • The Printers rebounds to an interim setup mode for the next 120 minutes. Within that time period, push the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button on the router to re-initiate the connection process. Once successfully connected, the wireless light radiates a solid blue light.

Step 2 : Bingo !! It’s time to Print from iPhone/iPad

AirPrint supports printing a smorgasbord of documents, webpages and images from iOS apps quickly and easily.

  • Ensure the Preparation of 123 HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer to receive and action print commands from AirPrint . Some of the initial inspections involves a powered ON Printer, implanted ink cartridges and Plain printing paper on the tray etc.
  • Navigate to the app from where you’re printing a document/Photo from. Open the file and gently tap Share icon on the screen.
  • This opens up Print Icon on the screen. Point and touch it to get into Printer Options.
  • Choose Select Printer à 123 HP OfficeJet 5255 to arrive at the destination.

AirPrint allows for customization of the print during Print Job Settings. Some of these customizations are restricted by iOS app storing the file, Print type and features of the Printer.

  • Paper : AirPrint enables the users to make modifications on the paper size on the Printer. AirPrint has the privilege to check for discrepancies in the paper size loaded in the tray as against the selections made on the control panel/Printing iOS app. It ignores if the selections are the same but throws an error message when the paper sizes are different. User intervention is required to level the size to proceed.
  • Count of Copies: Choose the count of copies you would like to print.
  • Black & White Printing : All Color HP Printers tends to offer a choice for Black & White Printing. Please select Grayscale to do so.
  • Duplex Printing : AirPrint even allows for double sided printing on case by case basis.
  • Page Range : Personalize the Printing by mentioning select pages to print and save on paper & ink.
  • Log in to 123.hp.com/oj5255, Punch in your Printer Name & Model in the wake of a prompt and approve the Windows Operating System (OS ) Version or amend if necessary.

123 HP OfficeJet 5255 – USB Type Configuration

123 HP OfficeJet 5255 is synonymous for its multimodal connection capabilities where USB is of those frequently used wired methods to connect 123 HP OfficeJet 5255 to a Personal Computer be it Windows or Mac.

Here , we enumerate the techniques and methods to hook a Windows Computer to 123 HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless Printer. Please download the newest version of HP Software to capitalize upon the best of Printer features. This is highly recommended without which the user may stand to lose using some of those cool features.

Step 1 : Preparing HP OfficeJet 5255 for USB Connection Configuration

123.hp.com/oj5255 setup – The USB Configuration cannot be initiated without undergoing a preparatory phase where some initial pre-requisites have to be realized and complied.

Gear up to arrange and organize all essential items and clear past versions of installed printer versions to nullify any kind of disruption.

  • Power the HP OfficeJet Printer ON and allow it to remain in Ready Status.
  • Grab or Buy an USB Cable if you don’t have one in possession. Let the USB Cable length be approximately 3 meters or under that mark.
  • Never compromise in Power supply and hence you’re advised against using any USB Hub or Docking station. HP insists on using only PC’s USB port to ensure unimpeded power supply across the two devices.
  • People often make the mistake of goofing up a little by prematurely connecting the USB cord to the Windows Computer and that’s a misstep. Refrain from doing so. For such actions, one is advised to clear off the printer again from ‘Devices and Printers’ window to rectify the mistake and take the right direction again.
  • Needlessly to say, the USB cable has to be detached from the computer right away without wasting any time. The USB cable linking has to be performed purely at the point of HP Software prompt.
  • Open the ‘Devices and Printers’ from Control Panel in Windows OS. You can navigate it through Settings or by using the search feature of Windows OS.
  • Trace your HP OfficeJet Printer Model in the Devices window and utilize mouse Right-Click to ‘Remove Device’. When multiple copies are found, each of them has to meet the same fate.
  • Simply close the open Window and jump to Software Installation steps.

Step 2 : Final Lap – Driver Installation 

The finale for this USB connection setup & configuration process culminates in the suitable HP Software/Driver Installation

  • 123.hp.com/setup 5255 contains a stockpile of various HP Software and Drivers for a multitude of products. All we have to do is select the suitable driver/software suite by feeding in the name of the printer model. HP Easy Start is a recent user assist software from the stable of HP which may download if it’s compatible with 123 HP OfficeJet 5255.
  • Perform the full download of HP Easy Start and run the exe file straight away. HP Easy start steers you through a sequence of directives in a bid to successfully execute the setup. In the midst of directives, HP Easy Start requests the user to choose the type of setup where you need to select USB and also connect the cable at that juncture.
  • If none of the Drivers download, please follow the below mentioned steps to directly install a driver from the site itself.
  • Log on to 123.hp.com/oj5255 or HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Download. This site requests the Printer model name/number and OS edition to dig its database for the right software.
  • The Site might probe further by showing ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ page for further verification. Select Printer, enter the model number and hit Submit. A results page with a spell of suitable software listing shows up.
  • The Site is flexible enough to accommodate changes in OS edition. Select Click, effect change and select Change once again at the finish line.
  • The Driver Heading shows downloadable options for full feature and essential drivers. Click on Download and Basic Drivers respectively to download the chosen one.
  • The Installer requests the user to choose the type of setup where you need to select USB and also connect the cable at that juncture.
  • There you are! You’re all good to go printing or Scanning.

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