HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer

HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer – Wireless Printer Setup (Windows or Mac)

123.hp.com/setup 6255

This is the 123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer setup document for setting up the Wireless Printer features on your Windows PC. To setup your HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer on the wireless (Wi-Fi) network, you’ll need to connect the printer to the network and then you will need to install the print driver and software available on the 123.hp.com/envy6255 . If you come across a prompt message during the installation, select the Wireless as the connection type.

Step 1: Preparing before the 123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Installation

You will need to collect details like the network name and password, and then switch on the router, printer, and your Windows PC.

  1. Collect the items mentioned below:
    • Network Name: The name of the network is the SSID (Service Set Identifier).
    • Network Password: This might be a password called WEP key or WPA security passphrase.
    • A Wireless connected Windows PC.
    • Internet Connection: The best internet connection option would be a Broadband internet such as cable or DSL for downloading software, using Web Services, and getting printer updates.
  1. Ensure that your internet router and your Windows PC is switched on and your PC is connected to the same wireless network to which you require to connect the printer. Switch on the printer and place it close to the computer and within the range of the router during the setup procedure.
  2. Remove any connected USB cables or Ethernet connections from your 123 HP ENVY 6255 printer.

Step 2: HP Envy Photo 6255 Wireless Setup.

Using the HP Envy Photo 6255 Wireless Printer Setup Wizard you can connect the printer to your network to help the HP Printer Installer find your printer during the installation.

  1. On the printer’s control panel, from the Home screen, touch the Wireless icon .
  2. Now enter the Settings page by touching the Setup icon .
  3. Now select the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  4. Select the name of your wireless networks that are seen in the available list of wireless network, and then select the OK icon.
  5. If in case your network does not appear in the list, then select the Enter New Network Name, and then follow the provided instruction on the screen to enter the name of your wireless network.
  6. When prompted, enter the WEP or WPA key (network password), and then select Done. Now a screen spears which summarises all the details about your network.
  7. Select OK to go back to the home screen page on the printer’s control panel display.

Step 3: Downloading and Installing the HP Envy Photo 6255 Driver

We will now download and install the most current version of the full feature printer software from the 123.hp.com/envy6255 .
When an Auto Wireless Connect screen displays while installing the driver, then we can use that to help finish the hp envy photo 6255 wireless setup process.

  1. Visit the HP website: 123.hp.com/envy6255
  2. If required, select your printer’s model number from the menu, select Begin, and then select Download.
  3. Double click the downloaded file which has HP Easy Start as its name in the browser downloads bar or in the Downloads folder to start the installation.
  4. Complete through the on-screen instructions to finish the connection setup and driver installation.
  5. Now go back to the 123.hp.com/setup 6255 page in your Windows PC Internet browser to finish up the registration and activation process.

123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer – Switching to a Wireless Connection from USB

Had you set up your Printer with a USB Cable connection utilizing the HP Smart app or full feature HP drivers, you are allowed to switch to a wireless network connection whenever you like. All the HP Envy Photo 6255 Wireless –capable printers and Windows/Mac computers can benefit from this instructional manual.

Windows :

HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Setup & Software Utility or HP Smart app (Windows 10) provides you with an option to switch or alter the Connection Type . The USB cable should be left untouched until there is an explicit prompt that suggests otherwise.

HP Printer Setup & Software Utility : Type in ‘HP’ on the Windows Search Box of your computer and locate your Printer name in the results. Clicking on it will open the HP Printer Assistant Software. Look out for Utilities or Tools in the menu bar placed at the top and then proceed to click on Printer Setup & Software or Device Setup & Software. There you may find ‘Convert a USB Connected Printer to Wireless’ Utility which should be launched.

HP Smart App : Open the App and pinpoint to ‘Make Printing easier by connecting your Printer wirelessly’ option found at the top of the window. Then tap on Learn More to begin a guide conversion from USB to Wireless. If no such option found, you are advised to use the HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Software & Setup Utility to do the same.

Mac :

The Connection type can be altered using HP Utility Software or by adding the Wireless Printer using System Preferences.

HP Utility Software:

Find the HP Envy Photo 6255 Wireless Setup tool in HP Utility Software by opening Finder and then click on Go from the menu bar placed at the top. Choose the Applications and double click on HP folder where you may find HP Utility which can be opened by double clicking on it.

Select Wireless Setup from the All Settings tab to successfully launch it. If 123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Wireless Setup is not found, System Preferences will aid you in adding the printer.

System Preferences Method:

The Printer needs to be connected to your network. The steps for doing so will differ with the type of your Printer Control Panel.

Touchscreen or LCD Menu Control Panels: Spot the Setup , Network or Wireless menu options on the Printer Control Panel and navigate to Wireless Setup Wizard and tap it. The on-screen instructions will swiftly guide you to help add and connect the printer.

Printer Sans Display : Connecting the Printer to the network is slightly complicated for printers without displays. Find, Press and Hold the Wireless button on the surface of the Printer to power up the Wireless radio. The Wireless light may illuminate solid indicating the successful connection to the network. If in case the light detected to be flickering , try bring the printer and the router closer and press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button . Wait for a while for the wireless light to turn solid.

Click on the Apple Menu and then proceed to click ‘System Preferences’. Find and click Print &Scan or Printers & Scanners.

Examine the Printers list for your Printer Name with Bonjour Multifunction as the Kind and proceed to complete one of the steps given below.

If your Printer is seen, try removing and adding the printer again to double check and confirm the correct setup. The Printer Name or icon should be clicked followed by the minus sign on it to effect a delete and then click the plus sign . Find Add Printer or Scanner , choose the Printer Name and move over to subsequent steps in the process.

If your Printer is not seen, click the plus sign. Find Add Printer or Scanner , choose the Printer Name and move over to subsequent steps in the process.

What if the Printer cannot be detected in the Add Printer or Scanner window, ensure to check that the printer and the Mac workstation are connected to the same network. Repeat the above adding steps again .

Spot and click on Use or Print Using menu followed by AirPrint or specific name of the printer to finish the setup process. 123.hp.com/setup 6255