123 HP ENVY 5055 – Supplanting fresh Ink Cartridges

In the event of running out on ink or totally depleted ink cartridges, Order for a new set of authentic HP Ink cartridges and supplant them inside HP Envy 5055’s cartridge chamber. The following article explains how to do it in simple and clear steps.

  • Leave the Printer ON.
  • Then the Input Tray shall be laden with crisp & appropriate sized white papers bundle.
  • Clasp the left & right handles of the printer at the same time. This is being done to easily lift the access door of the ink cartridge chamber. The door after going through an elevation snaps like a lock. This action shoves the carriage to its left a bit.
  • Please be advised to carry out the next steps of disbanding only after the carriage becomes immobile and firmly placed.
  • Now, you gain access to the ink cartridge slots whose hatch should be opened by gently flipping it up. Then impart an upward thrust to pluck it out of one of the slots.
  • You may do so for all the ink cartridges on their respective slots provided they ran empty or running dangerously low.
  • Shift to the ink cartridge consignment package to unbox and pull out a battery of fresh ink cartridges from it. The ink cartridge must only be handled by the black plastic surface on the sides.
  • Ensure to get rid of the plastic tapes on the surface of the cartridges. While doing so, it is possible for you to inadvertently touch the ink nozzles which can also be identified as copper colored contact surfaces. Let’s be really careful in not removing any kind of nozzle protective tapes. This may give rise to negative impacts such as ink congestion & delivery failure besides electrical shocks due to messed up electrical connections.
  • Position the ink cartridge such that the nozzle impinges on the base of the slot and help it firmly lock into the slot. Always be mindful that color ink cartridges find a place on the left side and black ink cartridges opposite to it i.e right side.
  • Allow the hatch to close thereby fastening the cartridge onto the slot.
  • Replicate the very same steps again to implant all remaining cartridges if required.
  • Lock the ink cartridge access door tight.
  • Subsequently after the ink cartridge installation, the printer goes through a routine of auto printing an Alignment page. The Alignment Page is helpful for right sizing your prints and scans and also aligning the freshly supplanted ink cartridges.
  • Jump to the Output tray and pull it outwards and then gently elevate the extender of the output tray.
  • Wait until the moment the Alignment page fully comes out of the printer.
  • Fetch the printed Alignment page and lay the page on top of the scanner bed/glass. Ensure that the printed side is affixed on the scanner bed and bordered by the inscribed guides of the scanner bed.
  • Get the Scanner lid to its closed position and softly touch the Control Panel OK.
  • The Printer receives its instructions to align the cartridges and duly obliges. Finish with an OK.