123 HP Envy 6055 wireless setup

Unboxing & Setup – 123 HP COM SETUP 6055

HP Envy 6055 Wireless Printer

Who said that home run businesses always have to deal with large, bulky, and ugly looking printers and sacrifice space & convenience for quality Printing? HP totally destroys that notion to the ground. HP Envy 6055 All-in-one Printer is a gorgeous white beauty that can blow you away with its ravishing design. The Stunningly designed Wireless Printer takes a vow not to compromise on the Performance, Yes, the Print quality and efficiency could put any larger enterprise printers to shame.

123.hp.com/setup 6055 is an extension of your family and acts as a bridge of love between your loved ones. The Printer connects every single family member by connecting to their special gadgets & devices. It creates an air of energy and enthusiasm with its amazing Print, Scan and Copy functions all combined into one. The Print Quality is breathtaking, to say the least, and handles both personal and professional printing with aplomb. HP Envy sets the benchmark for superiority and perfection with Scan and Copy operations standing second to none.

This One-page manual is easy to understand and outlines the unboxing of a newly bought Printer and the installation thereafter. Be focused while unloading HP Envy 6055 and dismantling packaging materials taped to protect it. Then connect to a power source, install all necessary HP Software, establish and initiate wireless connections, put the cartridges and the paper, and there she goes!!

Step 1: HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-one Printer Unboxing from Product Box

  • Place the Cardboard box acting as shell of HP Envy 6055 Printer on a level ground.
  • Tear open the top and take off the fine print manuals, cartridges and power cables.
  • Rest the Printer Product Box on its sides and pull out the Printer using the foam end caps which should later be removed.
  • Peel all light blue colored protective strips above and the ones that run inside the printer one by one.
  • Discard the Foam sheet separating the scanner glass from Printer top.

Step 2 : Plug in the Printer to an AC Power Source

  • Rip open the wrap cover containing the power cord and plug one end of it to AC wall outlet and other to rear power port of HP ENVY 6055 Wireless.
  • The Printer switches ON almost instantaneously with a chime tone and back end light turns to Purple.

Step 3 : Know How to Load A4 sheets pile in the Input Tray of HP Envy 6055

Loading a Pile of fresh A4 Sheets on your HP ENVY 6055 may be carried out during the Printer Setup process or after when the HP software calls with a prompt.

  • Pull out the Paper Input Tray right underneath the Printer and space the slides further apart to make room for paper stack. Do it with both hands to prevent material damage.
  • Now pick up and place an A4 sheet stack right over the Input tray gently and set the paper width guides to hold and strap the stack firmly. Push back the Tray into the Printer.

Step 4 : Mounting Fresh/Used Ink Cartridges on HP ENVY 6055

Mounting fresh set of original HP Ink cartridges will be the last recourse before you can begin using your Printer. In the event, you are in the possession of partially used but compatible cartridges, they can be mounted as well provided they are not leaking or damaged. Mounting Cartridges occurs during fresh Printer Setup or when a prompt alerts.

  • Lift the Top cover of the Printer gently by taking advantage of the recess area for finger grip. If you are not quite sure, HP has ensconced an amber blinking light to identify the corner.
  • Down below the top cover, one can view the Cartridges mounting chamber. HP indicates a running low cartridge with a solid amber light at the bottom for easy detection.
  • Almost with all HP Printers, the carriage runs to the left. Do nothing until it idles fully.
  • Grab the whole new Setup Ink Cartridge Package and tear it down. Grab one piece of it and tear the protective orange tape from its top. Perform this process very carefully so as not to affect the copper contacts and ink nozzle areas by any means. Even the slightest harm would fail the cartridges. Set aside all the removed tapes for plastic recycling.
  • Now determine the slot where a new cartridge should be mounted. Ensure it is vacant and lift the smaller latch first. Grab a cartridge unit and thrust it into appropriate slot. Make sure the nozzles slaps the chamber floor and locking sound is heard for a successful mounting.
  • The Mounting code states that Color Cartridges are mounted to the left hand side. On the Right hand side is where Black Ink Cartridges should be placed.
  • Lower down and lock the top cover of HP ENVY 6055 after the completion.

Step 5  : Kick off Printer Alignment Process

The Printer Alignment Process is a quick method to favorably modify the cartridges alignment to maximize the efficiency and printing quality. Completing the Printer Alignment Process in the thick of Printer Setup process is vital.

  • After Mounting ink cartridges, Launch HP Smart on your Computer which recognizes the cartridge installation and posts ‘Ink Installed’ message on the screen.
  • Click Continue twice one after another in the succeeding pages giving consent to print an Alignment Page.
  • HP ENVY 6055 recognizes the command and dishes out an Alignment Page in the next moment.
  • The Alignment Page then needs to be scanned by helping it to the Scanner glass bed. Users sometimes mistakenly place the Printed Page up which will prove futile. Ensure that mistake is not repeated.
  • Press down on the Copy Button which should be blinking. Ta-da , The Alignment Process is over and your All-in-one 6055 Printer says ‘ your wish is my command, sir’ ..

123.HP.COM/Setup 6055 – Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)/HP Smart

HP ENVY 6055 is a wireless capable machine that can connect to a Home or Business Wireless Network and can honor print commands from all your beloved gadgets. We would like to take you through the process of building up a Wireless Connection using WPS and HP Smart App.

Step 1 : Preparatory Draft for the Wireless Setup

Make a quick initial observation if all the devices are powered ON. Also figure out if there is a powerful Wireless Network created by a Network Router. Then ensure your smartphone or Desktop is hooked to that powerful wireless network. This Wireless Network is acting as central network to which you should connect your HP ENVY 6055 Wireless Printer.

  • Make a quick inventory list to check for items like Computer/Smartphone, Strong Internet connection and a Router. All devices should stay powered ON.
  • Make sure your smartphone or Desktop is hooked to that powerful wireless network . An attempt should be made to connect HP ENVY 6055 Wireless to that network only and not others.
  • Verify that the Printer Setup is complete, paper stack loaded and cartridges installed if the Printer is all new.
  • Customers are sometimes unmindful of the distance between such Network Devices. Keep in mind that they have limitations in the Network Range and have to be kept closer especially during the Wireless Network Setup process.

Step 2 : Engage WPS or HP Smart to enable and obtain Wireless Connectivity.

Achieving a Wireless Connectivity for your Printer can be done in dual ways. i.e either through WPS or HP Smart options. Let’s run through the WPS Method first up. Get HP Smart app from the authorized website link 123.hp.com/setup 6055 or 123.hp.com/envy6055.

WPS Method :

WPS method is being prevalently used for Wireless Printer Setup in the latest and advanced Printers. Follow the Instructions written in order to leverage WPS for Setup.

  • Let’s begin with powering ON HP Envy 6055.
  • If you are conscious of the WPS button location on your Router, that’s great! If not, just find where it is.
  • Go to the rear of HP ENVY Printer to track down the Wireless and Power Press them simultaneously for about three seconds.
  • Now, Skip to your Wireless Router and hold down the WPS button for a period of 5 seconds. One will be notified of the WPS connection process initiation instantly. But the crucial step here in this process is that the WPS button has to be pushed within 2 minutes of pressing Wireless button. If not, the Printer must have already exited the search operation.
  • The Wireless light on HP Envy changes to solid purple suggesting the connection process is successful and over.

HP Smart App – Windows 10 & macOS :

HP Smart App is very resourceful on the subject of setting up the HP Printer on Wireless networks, whether it is from Windows 10 or macOS Operating systems. This tutorial will teach you how to do it exactly with HP Smart App. Get HP Smart app from the authorized website link 123.hp.com/setup 6055 or 123.hp.com/envy6055.

  1. Switch ON HP Envy 6055 Wireless Printer.
  2. Boot your Windows 10 and then download HP Smart from the Store. Then Install it by following the due process.
  3. Locate and Press the Wireless button on your HP Printer for an interval of 3 seconds. The light indicators in HP play a great role in describing the Setup operation process. Wireless Light blinks for 2 times and stops. Edge lighting goes through blue, white and purple flashes till the Network Setup process is initiated. Recognize the importance of wrapping up the Setup process in under 2 hours.
  4. Switch to your computer and launch the HP Smart App. Look for a Plus Sign and click it. The App kicks off the Printer search process.
  5. Click and select your desired Printer when it shows up and click on the ‘Continue’
  6. Type the Network Password i.e WEP or WPA Key
  7. Once the Network Password is authorized, the connection is made. Click Continue à Exit Setup. One can see a Blue light on the Wireless Pad signifying the connection establishment.