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HP Envy 4527

HP Printers – Unable to Print a HP Envy 4527 ePrint Job This troubleshoot document is for HP printers that are web-enabled which are setup for HP ePrint. When you find yourself unable to print the job files that you’ve sent to the HP ePrint email address, you can follow […]

HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer Setup

The below is a brief instruction guide for setting up your wireless printer on a local wireless network with a windows computer. Step 1 : Preparation for setting up a wireless network  Before starting to set up the printer on a wireless network, keep the network details such as Network […]

Printing & Scanning using the HP AiO Printer Remote App (Android & Apple)

The Support document describes printing remotely using the HP AiO Printer remote App on Android and Apple ioS devices. The HP AiO Printer Remote App empowers you to print, scan and even troubleshoot certain printer issues from remote devices provided your printer is set up on a wireless network.  Step […]

Challenges and Fixes – HP Printer Apps

HP Printers have the capability to print from remote workstation and mobile devices through Network connection with the help of proprietary HP Printer Apps. This is a guide to manage and fix a slew of issues that may emerge with HP Printer Apps on HP Printers that are connected on […]

HP Printers – Language Change on the Control Panel Display

The Control Panel may be operating in a language that is not chosen or desired. In order to execute a language change, first remove the protective cover on top of the control panel touchscreen and then try to change the operating language through Embedded Web Server (EWS) , Software installation […]

123 HP OJPro 8710 Setup

The above issue is a common occurrence with several OfficeJet Pro printers such as 8710, 8720, 8730, 8740 and 821Xprinters on Windows. The Printer becomes dormant during Sleep mode especially when connected to a wireless network and refuses to wake up even after receiving a Print command. The Print Driver […]

HP DJ 3630 Double sided printing

Double Side Printing (Duplexing)    123 HP 3630 Printer offers you a provision to print on both sides of the page provided that full feature software is installed on the Windows computer. You can update the Printer settings and Page setup to enable the duplexing feature to save paper and […]